Thursday, March 26, 2009

Aims and purpose of the Bangladesh Expatriate Council

Its main purpose is to work as an advocacy group for its expatriate community. It is run by the expatriates and for the interest of the expatriates. Its aim is to make a better Bangladesh that we all can feel proud of. As such, we work together with people of all religions and ethnic backgrounds, as well as with other citizens of the world who agree with our mission and with our ideals.
Today, Bangladeshi Expatriates need to play an active role not just where they are currently settled as citizens but also in Bangladesh. If we are going to be able to change policy and influence decisions that affect our people, it is imperative that we cooperate with each other on commonalities that tie us together. We are driven by the belief that Bangladesh expects better from its talented and highly skilled expatriate community that has settled in various parts of our planet. We have a right and a responsibility to be involved in the world around us, especially matters that happen in Bangladesh. We simply cannot shut our eyes to what happens in Bangladesh. That involvement includes community, social and political action (without being looked upon as being partisans). Effective citizen activism begins with the knowledge that Bangladesh is in a dire state of its existence and needs improvement at every stratum – governmental and non-governmental - to break down its vicious cycle of corruption, violence, incompetence, cronyism, patronage, and complexities of politics. Such activism also includes conveying those issues clearly that are important to our community. BEC works at providing critical education and information to the expatriate community in order to advocate for causes that matter, and challenge and equip individuals and sister/brother organizations to make a difference at all levels of government and non-government organizational (NGO) activities. To that end, we continuously work to identify, educate and mobilize our expatriate community for effective political action! Such actions will preserve, protect and defend our humane values that define our humanity, and hopefully make our planet a better place to share for our posterity.

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